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sportsbook – What’s the best site to use if you live in the United States?

What’s up my fellow degens! So I have a basic question; What’s the best site to use if you live in the United States?

Right now I have a bookie, he writes my action down on paper, and we meet up once a week for cash payouts. Totally offline. But through his service, I’ve been missing out on other action that is offered by most books (futures, live bets, etc.) I’ve been wanting to open an account online somewhere so that I could get in on some of that action. I always see Nitro, Bovada, Bet365, and more mentioned through the redditsphere, but I don’t know which site would be best for stateside use.

I guess what I’m most concerned about is:

  • Payouts – (which site is most hassle-free when it comes to withdrawing in the states)

  • Legality – (I’m not trying to break the laws, I know if I do end up winning a ton, that I need to file it on my taxes, but not sure if there’s any other legal concerns before I get started)

  • Odds – (which sites offers the best odds)

So if you have any advice or insight through your own experience I’d love to hear it, hoping to get online somewhere soon!

Thanks & BOL

  • Yung Cutlet


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