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  • Lobby
  • Content Studio
  • Streaming Rooms
  • Fitness Gym
  • Lenovo Lounge
  • Merch Store
  • Wellness Center
  • Open Office
  • Players Cafe
  • Scrim Rooms
  • Coaching Rooms
  • Outdoor Event
  • TSM Stage
  • Kitchen
  • Meeting Rooms


This is TSM. Excellence. Integrity. Innovation.

Welcome to the first major performance-driven esports facility built specifically in the city of Los Angeles, ground zero for the North American esports marketplace. At 25,000 square feet, the space is the biggest of its kind.

The space offers TSM’s professional players the most up-to-date, essential training technology, equipment, hardware, and services.

The TSM Performance Center is based on three core principles: performance, innovation, and content creation.

Content Studio

Creating the best in engaging and impactful content for the largest fanbase in esports does not happen without state-of-the-art technology. The Center’s studio provides TSM’s elite content creators and brand partners the rare opportunity to create new, innovative content for the esports and gaming audience.

1314 sq. ft.

Streaming Rooms

The TSM Performance Center features a space for some of the biggest influencers in global gaming to stream, giving them the opportunity to connect directly with their vast audience.

~125 sq. ft. each

Fitness Gym

Designed by world renowned trainers Heart & Hustle, the fitness center focuses on all elements of elite player performance.

859 sq. ft.

Lenovo Lounge

In the first of its kind revolutionary Lenovo Lounge, teams will review their performance and players have a sanctuary to restore, refocus, and regroup – things that are critical to achieving personal and professional success.

684 sq. ft.

Legion Y740 Notebook Shop

Up to Intel i7-9750H CPUUp to Intel i7-9750H CPUUp to Nvidia RTX 2070 MaxQ GPUUp to Nvidia RTX 2070 MaxQ GPU144Hz, 500nit Display with Nvidia G-Sync144Hz, 500nit Display with Nvidia G-SyncCustomizable per-key RGB keyboardCustomizable per-key RGB keyboardRear I/O with Thunderbolt portRear I/O with Thunderbolt port

Legion T730 Desktop Shop

Up to Intel i9-9900K CPUUp to Intel i9-9900K CPUUp to Nvidia RTX 2080 GPUUp to Nvidia RTX 2080 GPUM.2 NVMe SSD and HDDM.2 NVMe SSD and HDDUp to 32GB of DDR4 RAMUp to 32GB of DDR4 RAMSupports both liquid and air coolingSupports both liquid and air coolingCustomizable RGB lighting and transparent side panelCustomizable RGB lighting and transparent side panel

Merch Store

This standalone shop not only features highly-coveted merch, it will also offer exclusive collabs from TSM partners.

314 sq. ft.

Wellness Center

TSM has the only innovative Wellness Center in all of esports. This exclusive space takes a holistic approach to health and well-being. It is equipped with the latest in therapeutic devices, which will help players refresh, renew, recharge, and refocus.

Open Office Space

In the 10 years since the founding of TSM, the organization has grown tremendously. Now with over 60 employees across multiple departments, the Center provides the best possible headquarters for the team behind the teams. The well-equipped, open concept space was designed with an eye to comfort and productivity. It creates an environment of excellence and innovation, reflecting the company’s value for collaborative work.

Accommodates over 60 employees

Players Cafe

The TSM Performance Center features the Players Cafe with a dedicated chef and nutritionist, all focused on providing TSM teams with the best in high-quality, delicious meals during the competitive season.

501 sq. ft.

Scrim Rooms

Dedicated, ultra-modern scrim or practice rooms offer unrivaled top-of-the-line hardware and the latest in technology to further enhance the performance of TSM players.

Coaching Rooms

The coaching rooms include large screens for thorough gameplay analysis and full data visualization.

170 sq. ft.

Outdoor Event Area

An outdoor event area for company events, viewing parties and fan meet and greets.

TSM Stage

Featuring an auditorium with stadium seating, the TSM Stage is ideal for live or virtual industry events, viewing parties, conferences, and more.

558 sq. ft.


As many may know from TSM: Legends series, food is key at TSM. The headquarters wouldn’t be complete without a fully stocked kitchen with drinks, snacks, and open eating area for all staff. Additionally, a gaming area and comfortable lounge seating has been included for all to enjoy during free time.

~500 sq. ft.

Meeting Rooms

The open office plan reflects the company’s value for collaborative work with dedicated meeting rooms.

~270 sq. ft.4 Rooms Meet our team

All of your favorite players,
under one roof

Watch facility tour


Facility tour with
Myth and Leena

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