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  • The 1975 Philadelphia Phillies had 20 different runs as linear champion, one fewer than the three next most prolific team put together. (Photo Credit: hollywoodplace on Flickr) DATE WINNING TEAM LOSING TEAM SCORE 04/07/1975 Montreal Expos 1974 04/09/1975 St. Louis Cardinals Montreal Expos 4-0 04/13/1975 Philadelphia Phillies St. Louis Cardinals 2-0 04/16/1975 Chicago Cubs Philadelphia […]
  • The Philadelphia Phillies (pictured) and New York Giants were the two teams that most frequently possessed the linear championship in 1911. (Photo Credit: DATE WINNING TEAM LOSING TEAM SCORE 04/12/1911 Philadelphia Phillies 1910 04/15/1911 Boston Rustlers Philadelphia Phillies 5-4 04/17/1911 Philadelphia Phillies Boston Rustlers 10-2 04/25/1911 Brooklyn Superbas Philadelphia Phillies 4-3 04/26/1911 Philadelphia Phillies […]
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