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  • As we await Tampa Bay Rays baseball we take a look back at the trade that sent one of the biggest stars in Rays’ history to the San Francisco Giants. The Tampa Bay Rays have been involved in some really interesting trades over the years. Today we take a look at the deal that probably […]
  • New teams in baseball have to pay dues before they enjoy success at the major league level. The amount varies from team to team. For the New York Mets, it was eight years of player development and growing pains; for Houston and San Diego it was much longer. On the other hand, Florida and Arizona […]
  • A Florida sheriff is loudly complaining about a Tampa Bay Rays tweet about Breonna Taylor. And he’s threatening to withhold sheriff’s department services from the team in retaliation. Last week, on Opening Day, the Rays made a series of racial justice-themed tweets, starting with one that said “Today is Opening Day, which means it’s a […]
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  • Derek Norris’ girlfriend Kristen Eck (also his ex-fiancée) assumed, up until a year ago, that she would marry him. The couple had been engaged for two years when they called off the wedding. Recently, Kristen went public with the allegation that Derek had physically and emotionally abused her. MLB has opened an investigation into the matter. Derek has denied […]