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Odds To Win NBA Championship Title 2020: Clippers & Lakers Favored

LA Clippers Favored To Win 2020 NBA Title

We have seen massive odds movement in the odds to win the NBA Championship for the 2019-2020 season. The free agency period has essentially re-shaped the NBA and for the first time ever the LA Clippers are preseason favorites to win the NBA Finals.

While major odds movement has impacted the top favorites to win the NBA title, we have also seen changes in the NBA over-under win totals market. Early NBA Public Bets have also come in heavy on the Lakers and 76ers.

NBA Finals 2020 Champion Odds DraftKings Sportsbook FanDuel Sportsbook
Los Angeles Clippers 275 290
Los Angeles Lakers 375 480
Milwaukee Bucks 600 600
Philadelphia 76ers 1100 900
Golden State Warriors 1200 1200
Houston Rockets 1400 1400
Utah Jazz 1800 1600
Denver Nuggets 1800 1800
Brooklyn Nets 2200 2300
Toronto Raptors 2200 3200
Boston Celtics 2200 2300
Portland Trailblazers 3300 3500
Indiana Pacers 5000 4900
Dallas Mavericks 6000 5500
New Orleans Pelicans 6000 5500
Oklahoma City Thunder 6000 6500
San Antonio Spurs 7000 6500
Miami Heat 10000 8500
Orlando Magic 10000 11000
Sacramento Kings 10000 13000
Atlanta Hawks 15000 18000
Detroit Pistons 15000 15000
Minnesota Timberwolves 15000 25000
Chicago Bulls 20000 21000
New York Knicks 25000 15000
Washington Wizards 50000 18000
Charlotte Hornets 50000 18000
Cleveland Cavaliers 50000 25000
Memphis Grizzlies 50000 25000
Phoenix Suns 50000 25000

How To Approach NBA Futures Odds

The primary focus of NBA wagering involves betting on the point spreads of individual games, however, NBA futures wagers on the NBA Finals Champ are also quite popular among professional sports bettors.

Bookmakers and bettors will look at several factors in the NBA Finals Futures. The top teams from the prior year are usually among the preseason favorites. Free agent signings, trades and draft picks can alter the perceived value of each team in the off-season. Coaching changes can also have an impact.

In the NFL, there are 53 players on each team’s roster. In MLB, each club has a roster of 25 players. In the NBA, there are only 12 players on each squad. Thus, a certain shift in personnel for a team can have a dramatic and rippling effect on the odds in the pool. Hence the importance of betting on the NBA Draft each off-season.

While many casual fans and bettors will get actively involved in Super Bowl betting and World Series odds, they aren’t too active in the NBA Finals. First, the NBA isn’t nearly as popular as the NFL or MLB. Second, it is rare for a long shot to win an NBA title. Because a specific player can be so critical in a team’s value, there are only a small group of teams that have a viable shot at the championship each year. While there are popular teams and long shots that draw interest in pro football and baseball, the NBA betting is usually contained to a select few clubs. Therefore, betting on NBA Futures Champion Odds, is driven by professional gamblers who follow the league closely.

The NBA playoffs can seem like a marathon to fans and bettors of the sport. While the NFL and MLB postseasons last about a month, the NBA playoffs last a couple of months. When the regular season ends, 16 teams advance to the postseason while the other 14 NBA squads are sent home until the next season. So, over half of the clubs in the initial NBA Finals Vegas Futures are still alive when the postseason begins. In contrast, only 8 of 30 teams make the playoffs in baseball with just 12 of 32 squads advancing to the NFL postseason. With a best-of-seven format in all four rounds of the playoffs, underdogs have a difficult time sticking around against superior teams that have a home court advantage.

Previous NBA Champions List

1 2018 GS Warriors 4-0 Cleveland Cavs
2 2017 GS Warriors 4-1 Cleveland Cavs
3 2016 Cleveland Cavs 4-3 GS Warriors
4 2015 GS Warriors 4-2 Cleveland Cavs
5 2014 San Antonio Spurs 4-1 Miami Heat
6 2013 Miami Heat 4-3 San Antonio Spurs
7 2012 Miami Heat 4-1 Oklahoma City Thunder
8 2011 Dallas Mavericks 4-2 Miami Heat
9 2010 Los Angeles Lakers 4-3 Boston Celtics
10 2009 Los Angeles Lakers 4-1 Orlando Magic


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